Collaboration of “Urushi and Scissors”

Joewell Urushi Scissors was born in collaboration of "urushi (lacquer) and scissors" from Iwate Prefecture in Japan. The deep and vivid beauty of urushi has been added to the hand crafted scissors made in Japan. Urushi Scissors is not only a haircut tool but also a valuable handicraft.



From Iwate Japan to the world through "urushi and scissors"

In recent years, 98% of urushi used in Japan is produced in China, and Japanese urushi is used only 2% in the market. Tradition of Japanese urushi has a long history more than 9,000 years but now it is a candle flickering in the wind. With desire to revive Japanese urushi industry and find new possibility of urushi, we have started this project by collaborating with a brand “Hokoan” of Joboji Urushi Workshop Company. Through urushi and scissors, we will promote Japanese craftsmanship from Iwate to all over the world.

Open the way to
the sustainable future

Urushi is an excellent material since it is renewable, safe, and secure. Urushi does not pollute the environment. Urushi is also attracting attention from the perspective of SDGs as a material that solves the problem of sustainability.
Tokosha donates a portion of the proceeds to “Urushi Next Non-profit Organization” to support the promotion of Japanese urushi.
In addition, a new combination of "urushi and scissors" will raise the level of attention to urushi and expand demand, and contribute to the revival of the urushi industry and the achievement of the SDGs.

Urushi Next Website


JOEWELL SCISSORS (Tokosha) is supporting
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

目標12:つくる責任 つかう責任
Promote efforts to produce and
consume in a sustainable way

Artisan Akira Okawa

Born in Morioka, Iwate, Japan. Learned Urushi techniques in Ashiro Urushi Research Center (Iwate, Japan), and Wajima City (Ishikawa, Japan). Working in Hanamaki, Iwate currently. Received “Iwate Art Festival Craft Award” and “Iwate Art Craft Exhibition Association Award”.

Iwate Art Festival Craft Award
Iwate Art Craft Exhibition Association Award

Made in Iwate Japan


Collaboration of “Urushi and Scissors”


    One of Tsugaru-nuri* techniques, “Karauri” is applied to the scissors. Elaborate and gorgeous design.
    *traditional URUSHI ware made in Tsugaru area in Japan.

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  • Supreme SPM “URUSHI - MOKUME”

    Grain of wood is designed by URUSHI on the scissors. Bright vermilion color and warm grain design.

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  • Supreme SPM “URUSHI - RYUSEI”

    Black URUSHI is applied to the scissors. A star is drawn on the screw cover, and a star pattern is drawn on the back blade surface. In addition, finger rest is colored by bright vermilion color. Simple appearance and unique design.

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Product Specification

Blade material: Powder Metal Alloy
SPM-570 Length…163mm / Size…5.7inch / Blade Length…58mm
SPM-600 Length…170mm / Size…6.0inch / Blade Length…64mm
SPM-630 Length…179mm / Size…6.3inch / Blade Length…72mm
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Urushi Scissors were featured on Japanese TV program “GOOD LUCK STORY” on July 5, 2020.
Urushi Scissors were featured on Japanese TV program "Obandesu-Iwate" on Nov 11, 2021.


How to Use

Insert your thumb and ring finger in the finger holes.
When opening and closing, you can cut stably by moving only your thumb.