Corporate History

History of Tokosha Co., Ltd. from establishment in 1917 to present time.


Toyosaku Inoue, the founder of the company was born in 1894 in Tanushimaru, Kurume city, Fukuoka, Japan. The company was established in 1917 under the name TOKOSHA Company in Tokyo, originally manufacturing medical cutting tools at the time of the start-up.

Rooster mark

Manufacturing scissors for barbers was started in 1921. As this year was the year of the Rooster, the company took the Rooster as its trademark, establishing its position as a maker of scissors for barbers. At the time, Japanese barbers were known to be professionals and paid great attention to the scissors as their primary tool to deliver performance. Our preparation and effort to meet this market requirement was the driving factor which led our company to export our products overseas, and to be considered as one of the top brands of the world.


The JOEWELL brand was established in 1975 as the premium scissor manufacturer to the beauty salons. Through exporting our products overseas, it quickly positioned itself as the number one brand in Japan. The start of our business overseas in countries such as the United-States, Europe, and Asia taught us to develop products which were specially designed to meet individual market needs. With a product line of over 200 models, JOEWELL is a brand loved by hair stylists around the world.

100th Anniversary

Our products won Good Design Award in 2006 -2009, for three years in a row. We were selected as one of the 300 of Japan’s Vibrant Monodzukuri (Manufacturing) SMEs, 2007. Recently, we are conducting collaborative researches with universities and research institutes. We celebrates 100th anniversary in 2017, and we will continue to focus on making the best scissors.

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