Blade shape (Shape & Edge)

Blade setting

The convex blade is sharp for softer cutting while the flat (single bevel blade is superior for lightweight durability because the whole blade can be designed flat.

The standard JOEWELL blade (Flat single bevel blade)

This is the most popular, easy to use, and JOEWELL world standard original blade. Because this is a flat blade and the blade body is light, a lilting cut is possible.
Other characteristics include a flat face that fits the hair and comb face.

Convex blade

Convex Pro blade

In pursuit of sharp, smooth cutting, this has the sharpest blade angle and setting. Final finishing is manually done by craftsman to achieve an artistic cutting. Because the cross section of the blade shape is large, it is powerful. Because the point of the blade is smaller than a hair, hairs will not fly about.

Convex shape blade

The semi-convex blade was developed by implementing the latest technology on top of the advantage of the convex blade. It maintains soft, sharp cutting and is suitable for anyone.

Sword shape blade

This type is a sword shape. The power is delivered to the point of the blade with this design.

Concave blade

The Concave shape blade with a keen edge achieves a sharp cutting performance.
The Concave Cobalt scissors will cut hair very well with less effort, because the cutting load is lower than existing scissors.

Width of blade

Various blade widths are available. With the wider blade, it is more powerful for cutting hair, and the cut is light. Those with a thin blade point are suitable for detailed work.

Blade lines

Various blade lines are available from straight to curved.
Generally, the straighter blade is called a straight blade, the ordinary one is called a willow blade, and the curved one is called the bamboo leaf blade. Tokosha designs blade lines according to the characteristic of each item. The straighter the blade, the easier it is to hold hair for cutting without having the hair slide. The bigger the curve, the greater the amount of hair that will slide when cutting for a smooth, soft cut. The bamboo leaf blade type, which has the biggest curve, is suitable for slide cuts and slicing.