“Dogwell” is a pet grooming scissors brand of Tokosha in Japan, manufacturer of hairdressing scissors Joewell.
Our products are designed especially for groomers through research and tests.


Cutting Scissors

DKM-66A (6.6") / DKM-69A (6.9")

Hybrid blade configuration: Single convex blade (front) and single flat blade (back).
Thin flat blade enables more precise shaping effortless. Extremely sharp and durable, all-rounder scissors.

DKA-66A (6.6") / DKA-69A (6.9")

Convex blade scissors. Easy to cut even for dogs with a lot of hair.
Unique hollow pivot area prevents hairs to get stuck and ensures longer lasting smooth operation.

DHA-66A (6.6") / DHA-69A (6.9")

Flat blade scissors. Light weight. Thin blade is suitable for finish haircut.

DKG-70 (7.0")

Convex blade scissors. Larger handle and wider finger rings. Easy to cut even for stiff hair.

DRK-62 (6.2") / DRK-69 (6.9")

Curved blades makes shaping rounds easier. Great for scissoring around face, paws, and tails.

Thinning Scissors

DTF-30 (Cut ratio: 35~40%)

Unique stepped teeth allowing more precise catching and silky smooth hair cutting.

DTD-40 / DTD-42 (Cut ratio: 35%)

Basic type of thinning scissors. Suitable for reducing hair volume.

DTG-W17 (Cut ratio: tip 20%, middle/bottom 40-50%)

2-way thinning scissors with different cut ratio in the tip and middle/bottom.
Since the cut ratio of the tip is low, you can cut without changing the scissors even for around the face and joints.
The flat comb blade shape makes it less likely to get caught and makes it easy to create a fluffy hairstyle.