If you are going to send your scissors to our company in Japan for sharpening service, please contact us before sending your scissors.

Dear International Customers (except Japan)

Please see the following link for contact information of sales agent in your country.

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Dear Travelers to Japan

Our distributors' shops in Japan

Some shops have stock and sell JOEWELL SCISSORS in Tokyo. If you need information of shops, please contact us.

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Joewell Tokyo Showroom

At “Joewell Tokyo Showroom”, you can look and try JOEWELL SCISSORS. Some of popular models, Joewell Classic, New Cobalt, E thinning series, and best-selling models in Japan are in stock and available to purchase. However, please note that our stock is limited and some products are not available in Japan, so please contact us in advance if you have any specific products you would like to purchase.

Joewell Tokyo Showroom

Dear Japanese Customers

Please visit our web site for Japanese customers only.