NMr.Hiroshi Kudara has been awarded " Medal with a Yellow Ribbon "

2013 Award

Mr.Hiroshi Kudara at our Iwate factory has been awarded "Medal with a Yellow Ribbon". We are proud of our employee won a prestigious award.

"Medal with a Yellow Ribbon" is one of medals of honor that Japanese government awards. This medal is given to the person who is hard-working and a model for the people.

Mr.Kudara has been working at our factory from 1967. This time, his excellent skills in making scissors are recognized , and he has been awarded Medal with a Yellow Ribbon 2013 Fall. The award ceremony was held at the Imperial Palace on November 13, 2013.

Mr. Hiroshi Kudara
Birthplace: Iwate, Japan
Occupation: Craftsman of manual metal working
1967  Joined TOKOSHA CO., LTD (Joewell)
2009  Awarded "Prominent Craftsmen" by Iwate Prefecture
2011  Awarded "Contemporary Master Craftsman" by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
2013  Awarded "Medal with a Yellow Ribbon" by Government of Japan